Lawn Maintenance

Our weekly maintenance package includes cutting of all grassed areas to maintain turf at a height of approximately two(2) inches and not more than two and one half (2 1/2) inches. Cutting to a height of less than two (2) inches is not recommended.

Promoting a Healthy Lawn: Tips for Success

  • Spread grass seed every spring and fall
  • Use a lawn aerator to help soil breath
  • Raise your lawn mower deck height to 2 1/2 inches or better
  • Leave grass clipping on lawn
  • Water your lawn once a week with 1 inch of water unless it has rained
  • Pull weeds by hand when the soil is moist
  • Spread organic material such as compost on your lawn each year
  • Apply natural fertilizer in late spring and fall

Mow-tion is an all natural green company
insuring and securing a future clean green planet for our children.

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